Whale Song

By Charlotte Norton

Immense and green
The water summons you
Further in, do not deny
This sea's temptation,
Pushing itself against your feet

Somewhere she will wait for you
And the way you would hold her
Between your hands

On a distant seashore she will
Push away her foolishness
Drop her bitterness
And smile anew

Swimming the same deep water as you
She leaves her handprint in the waves
Leaves your name written in the sand
On the beach behind her

Eternity sighs

Here she found her phoenix egg
And held it, and did not let go
Despite the voices pushing,
Pushing, pushing her to drop it

Here the warmth of the egg
Filled her heart
And burnt itself into life

And now you are waist-deep,
Gasping as the waves
Wash you, push you
Towards the horizon

In the depths of this
Sea of souls a woman
Can fly on the backs of
Whales and name
The number of their ancient cries

Here you will meet
Here gasping, aching
You will answer the sea's song.

. /