The Unfolded Man

By Dr. Sudhansu Dash

The hours change into dots on the page
Justifying the presence of the unknown
The war of thoughts fathering the universe
Cease to judge with the words of the mute
Waves of silence
Flow from every dimension to the centre
The waxed sun, moon, universe
Melts into a nothingness
In the serenity of a tranquil strength
Indifferent to any sorrow and delight.
The force works in a new luminous art
Inspired by the conspiracy of silence
To transmute into a mystic depth
Gathering the lost secrets
Of the inexpressible portion of his being
The forged signature of countless gods
Clamoring at the gate
Turn to dream smiles
At the settlement in the immutable.
The universe no longer looks like a thing
But like a thought
The matter disappears.
The moment something is said
It I no longer the same as it is said
No thought exists but only events
Remaining open to everything
In a complete harmony.

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