By Kurt Hearth

I heard its voice
understood it not.
Its words garbled
vague and unclear.

Its footsteps falling
deceptively soft.
Breaking complacent silence
they appeared every where.

Wherever I looked
I searched for its face.
In every shadow
at each passer-by.

It odor has tainted the air
disrupted my thoughts.
Where would it strike
leave an indelible scar.

this demon's name.
Its weapons of choice
violence panic fear.

To do battle n' win
the arms I must use.
Faith courage relentlessness
the sword of Righteousness.

I will engage this scourge.
My faith will prevail.
It gives me courage to resist
the crippling toxin of panic.

I will expose this viper.
My sword will smite off its head
I shall not rest
until it threatens no more.

. /