Where Did They Go Wrong?

By Kelly-Ann Mascall


I hide my scars,
Dont hear my plea
Please don't you see me?
My Falling Tears..
I am not Here

Don't pretend you care
It just leaves me bare
Leaving One More
Just close the door

You let me fall
Betrayed Me,
Did not hear my call
And now you see
I am me

But you can't see
So don't believe

That I dont want this..

Please let me go
I wan't to do this
And i'll watch the blood
Seep from my wrists

Ill let it play...

Ill go slow

Just so you'll know..

That this breaking...
All we know.....
We're in the making..

Play with me?
Play with death?

Lets play now!

Load the gun,
Draw the blade,
C'mon itt'l be fun
Watch me fade..?

He loads the gun,
Draws the blade
Wanting to see the fun,
Needing to see her fade

He hurts to,
But he'll pull through
Is he breaking?
Maybe he's faking..
This isnt what he wanted...
But they'll both soon be long dead

The bullet flies,
The blade glides

She's crying now..
Just.. just how..?

Not wanting this..
It isn't bliss
They didn't think,
And now they sink..

She's Dying now,
He's Dying to
This stupid thing...
It wasn't thought through
He couldn't stop..
She played the fool..
And now they're drowning
Their regrets in a crimson pool...

Hold her near,
Share her fears
Kiss her once more,
Whilst on the floor
Or She'll never know,
As she falls below...

You loved her once....
And you will always...

Just once more...

Once more...

. /