suicidal thoughts

By Supreme Words

How does it feel to be secure?
Loved and beloved by something so pure
How does it feel to be put first?
You know what how does it feel
To be second or even third
I'm always been last
How does it feel to be happy?
Never lonely like the moon on a cold month of February
Having so much laughter and walking so steady
How does it feel to look in the mirror
And like what you see
Not putting a fist through
Through the person looking at you
How does it feel to love life?
Prepare for something and strive
Never fail, failure hits you so hard that you feel you just died
How does it feel to see things clear?
There is no ceiling like a coliseum
The world is your oyster now eat it
The sky is the limit and believe it
How does it feel?
Tell me how does it feel
Please please tell me how does it
All I need is one chance
One try one believer
That has faith in me never doubts me
I know nothing is forever
But this pain I feel is contracted to my life
Now here I am with a knife
A gun a pill bottle
In my 1bedroom flat as small as a shuttle
My head down feeling for that never ending cuddle
Come to think of it I never been captured
Locked into someone arms with good intentions
I had it can't take more of this
What is the quickest way to kill yourself
But I don't wanna feel the pain
Coz pain is contracted to me
I could take the knife and slit my throat
And watch me float on my blood like a boat
To painful
I could take the pill bottle take too many pills
Overdose loose control in about 30 mins
Take to long
I could take that gun point it to my temple
Blow my brains out all over wall
Hear that, my angels call
To dramatic
If I was suicidal I wouldn't think at all
Shoot first, I was going to say think last
But it would be your last suicidal thought

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