When Spring Comes Laughing

By Susan Weinstein

When spring comes laughing through your old worn ideas,
the sad broke pieces of yesterday's porcelain,
thanks to that bull in your China shop,
The one with the brass ring in his nose?
He's snorting and charges.
You grab that ring...
Hang on! Don't get trampled!
Because everything changes, just not you,
Even you, like it or not,
Rough and ready or left in the dust.

When winter comes sighing through your old world,
You have tried and tried again and once more...
plan to lay dead in the track.
But the boy with the horns plays his pipes. Tra-la
You don't hear under the snow,
so he kicks you in the ribs--grinning.
You don't move. Tra-la, who wants to give him satisfaction?
But a blue sky chases the gray and there's a chill.
Hush! A secret signal....
Whose mysterious handshake?

A tender crocus inches up,
An origami daffodil unfolds,
You‘re thinking of a blood tulip and....
Pan's got you. He scratches a horn, wondering,
Do you belong to the ants?
You fix him with your glass eye.
You sing Tra-la...
With your sharp heel you stamp him and...
all the ghosts of indoor imaginings.
Never has now been this time again.

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