Paris Will Never Be The Same

By Alan W. Jankowski

I returned to Paris as in days gone by,
Now that I'm here, I'm not sure why,
For the city that once felt like home,
Is a joyless place when you're alone.

I can't help but recall the older days,
Of sipping wine in corner cafes,
Romantic dinners by candle light,
That lasted well into the night.

The walks along the river Seine,
Huddled together against the rain,
Hand in hand we'd stroll the street,
Stealing kisses, so discrete.

Now as I walk along the avenue,
I think about the times with you,
But the city we both loved so dear,
Is a lonely place without you here.

And though I yearn for the times of old,
Now the city just seems so cold,
I made my return but I'm sorry I came,
For Paris will never be the same.

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