The Sea of Riot

By John Simms

Molotov lit and launched through tear gas fog
Its destination a fluorescent sea of bobbing shields and helmets
It crashes to shore as tongues of flame lash up against the shatter resistant wave
The tide unrelenting moves in slowly as the isle of chaos sinks

Many are scooped up and thrown along blood stained pavement
The collective swallows them back into the swell of hoods and banners
To recover beneath a shower of plastic bullets and discarded café furniture
The tide gets closer while the moon catches glints on a sea of broken glass

The remaining are marooned at the foot of a defaced statue
As waves begin to swirl around them they hurl half bricks and tired abuse
Consumed one by one into the fluorescent waters and restrained by the current
The tide reseeds to unveil the inevitable wake of its democracy

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