When Bravery is Wrong

By Author Unknown

I know why you think defending your country is right
and I know why even then you think of safety at night.
It's because you're afraid
and all this death you wish on your problems every day
is supposed to make it all better, or so you say.

I know that you believe using guns is right
and that even in war, bombs are good too.
I know why you feel this way
and it's because you weren't ever told to play nice.
You were that kid who in monopoly time
that always stole the dice.

I don't care if we're standing idly by
while hundreds of families die.
It isn't right to go in on the fray
because we'll only put them out of their misery
with our "military intelligence" today.

I see you firing your workers and going to war
and I know why you do it, you know I do.
It's because you have a small penis
and just cannot accept it.
I just hope you realize that a gun
never made you anymore of a man.
No, I never respected you
not after Japan.

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