The Green Defense

By Author Unknown

The informal eyes look down upon the world with their internal cries,
all the while we sit back and stare;
why are we there?
Every person that steps into the forest gets lost and dies,
all the while we wonder who made the biggest blunder;
why were we there?

Take a path, find a route, save yourself from this dying youth.
We've no way to solve their control over us,
save us from the power they hold,
it tears us down; it makes us cold.
A fire to the face will do that to you: just ask their troops,
they'll tell you the same.
We've no way to be better than them,
no matter how many you kill, you're just as evil for murdering them too.

How much death must capture this world before we find peace?
How many lives must end before the liberty comes to cease?
In all this war and all this safety, we lost sight of the people's lives,
the people we're killing and those doing the shooting,
both sides are falling to the side of death.
I blame you both, but sometimes it truly is self defense of ignorance.

I just wish we could stop them somehow,
and save them from their liberators deathly smog.
That poison of firefights and hatred in torturing,
we've no way to stop it because our government's been condoning it for years.
Nothing new to them, they'd do it to you too,
that is, if you had the resources to bear...
Lucky for you your purse can't hold gold,
they'd round you up and slaughter you for the natural resources you hold.
Just look at Iraq for its oil so black,
just look at Afghanistan for its poppies so rich,
just look at Central America for its cheap labor for corporations abroad.
Everywhere you look there's money at the root,
greed is inherent in mankind as a cold hard truth,
but rarely does it get nuclear weapons, armies, and a navy to support it.

I don't go wanting a TV and bombing CNN demanding one right away,
I haven't the money nor the will to waste time,
that's all our governments do though. Lucky for them, they make the laws,
for their troops it is no longer a crime.
I'd say we've been lost in the woods for far too long,
its unfortunate to say that the light of evil is easy to find,
as it burns down this forest forever in pine.
When the ashes fall to the ground so warm we'll have our land back and clean,
and then the time for planting seeds may come and liberty might finally be seen.

Only from the ashes of death may we find safety from those who wished to kill us like the rest.
Stopping my government is the first step, I just have to wait for the smoke to clear,
planting my seeds of dissent as your M-16s begin to stare.
Bring me down before I take away your right to bear murder on a righteous scale,
calling it war and making it right to dare.
I'll stand before you guarding these trees, they'll grow up in time,
and remove your fires from this world, making it serene.

. /