Educated Resistance

By Author Unknown

Every day I sit wasting away in their grades,
fingers stretched out forming art before them,
here the expression brings resistance to them,
for they wish to chain my mind with their oppression.

Keep me set in a career of all,
a good citizen helping our nation grow.
In this re-education we will find nothing new,
merely retaught to believe, rather than learn what is true.

Ideals and morals shown right in popularity,
here in these halls where social behavior rules.
You can see so well, they all have no future,
but they will not enjoy that thought,
whereas I wish for it each day,
so that I might learn more from pain.

Here we sit awaiting our future and understanding why,
corrupted by dreams and kept alive by hope,
we're made to believe we've got potential,
so that we might become better,
and help our government prosper later.

Fight back and resist their ways with a word,
that which they taught you to use is all you can use,
for they know nothing else to fear.
What better way to destroy their teachings than to use one alone,
a word in a pen, a letter on a paper, grading them finally,
so that they too might understand the reasons we resist inside.

Know this now, you are alone and we are too,
here to fight back together against the systems above,
with a word in hand or a fist from the dark.
We shall not falter for our feelings are expressed in art,
but our thoughts on the future will tear them apart.

Opinion voiced by the masses outright,
stand fast to what you know: the government lies;
and in this I know.
For the liberty we were told was ours was not,
and inside their laws each day we are destroyed,
here in these institutions are where resistance must thrive.

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