Louisana Belle Strut

By Lepadah

Louisiana Belle Strut
The strut a Southern High breed
Louisiana belle no swamp rat ere
black blazer, optic white starch shirt
tucked in jockey pants
buckle boots
she had once been beaten
jaw broken

spirit never
left a forever love
magnolia refusing to wilt
noticeable like sugar cane lips
spread smear red lipstick

known to frolic baby gators
shop the Piggly Wiggly
love Balducci's
don't eat crocodile

sticking to Etouffee, Dirty Jambalaya
Muffuletta ... whatda futta
cool drinking at the Gutt brew
sipping on the porch
pitcher's of Pomegranate tea
soaking up the sun

she tip's back
seating herself upon porch railing
one leg over
another down swinging

womanly munching sister's Praline's
spinning tall tale's
Seven Sisters limbs
hanging doll heads
seen never again

tricks on city kin
a whole lot of mississippi mouth
open for Louisiana change
adoring the Lexicon

her "Dawlin"
binhavin, sure nuff,
twisting into music
dem, dat, da dere....

pushing a travel ... there

© 2010 Lepadah. All rights reserved.

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