Peer Pressure

By Eugina Depasse

I swore I wouldn't ever drink, Mom,
But sure enough I did.
It was the first time ever, Mom,
I did it for the other kids.

They hassled me and called me names
until I took my first drink.
Then they started playing games,
and to the ground I began to sink.

No one would drive me and on my way home, Mom,
I didn't see the other car;
But I suddenly realized, Mom,
That tonight, things had gone too far.

By the time I finally saw it, Mom,
I guess I had to swerve.
As I got hit, Mom,
Everything was a blur.

The last words that I got to say, Mom,
were "Please forgive me-what I did was wrong."
I am so scared and alone, Mom,
Listen close do you hear that song?

Please hold me close, Mom,
The light is drawing near;
They say I have to go, Mom,
Please have no fear.

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