By Calvin Hart

Sometimes we lack patience,
When things don't go our way,
Then we do things that we should not do,
And say things that we should not say.

Sometimes when we lack patience,
We throw a temper fit,
We loose our cool and self control,
And resort to scream and hit.

Sometimes our patience is tested,
By things that our children will do.
But remember, they are just children,
They do not understand like you.

Sometimes when we are weary,
Our patience won't last very long.
Then we tend to snap at others,
Though we know that we are wrong.

Patience is certainly a virtue,
It's a matter of self control.
Patience is something you practice,
And apply with the warmth of your soul.

Where would we be if Jesus,
Lost patience with us, His children.
And left us alone to fend for ourselves,
What a mess we would all be in.

Patience is a big part of a Christian's life,
We must be diligent in witness and prayer,
If our hearts are filled with Christian love,
Then patience will also be there.

So be patient with those you are leading,
To the loving arms of the Lord.
Good things come to those who wait,
Your patience will have it's reward.

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