By Lepadah

Her hair shading
strands over the left eye
under a pressured tremor
small beads of perspiration
trickle slowly around the temple
of her freshly pressed hair
springing spice
"ultra sheen original hair dress"
he recalled

colored girls
grown women lining the inside
of their mamas medicine cabinets
or inside the kitchen drawer
next to the burnt straightening comb

she reminded him of big sister Evelyn
enduring rituals
hair washing, combing thru thick locks
drying and pressing it clean straight
scented pomades
at Mrs. Beach Beauty Parlor

she is everything in a memory
beneath him
flipping thru moments
beautiful as Black Ivory and Blue Magic
french kissing Nina on the rooftop

time vanish promptly
swelling between her legs
reeling over her ellipsoidal prettiness
tarnish mind's eye lighted by a shimmer
drooping strands over her left eye...

2011 Lepadah

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