By Shawn Harris

Follow her curve, ending down low

Edge flared out, only for show

Sassy and brash, street is like home

Bat of the lash, for journeys unknown

Fingers hips cheeks and curls

Ladybug prowess, splash of pearls

What you don't see, you cannot forget

You're under the spell, forever you're set

Gaze just like ice, turmoil to me

Deep dark and nice, power of the sea

Touch of her hand, wisp of the dress

Frozen I stand, want to impress

Freckles and lips, posture is signed

Now tell me the real, show me your mind

Jumping the mood, hijack the flight

Make my tongue work, hear me she might

Slight turn and smile, brow raised up high

Feeding me giggles, would you deny

Flame is well lit, burning white hot

Show you your sin, I know the spot

Choosing the minutes, details and plans

Our moment in time, passing of hands

. /