By Louise Egan

I lifted the tarp that was covering the weeds
To let the light in
So I could grow seeds
Along with the canvas that I drew away
Lay a red-bellied black with something to say
... He was sleepy and cranky this red-bellied black
And as much as I urged him
He wouldn't go back
I warned all those I loved not to go near his head
But they didn't hear me
And wanted him dead.

They tried to relinquish the wire bout his throat
Where he had been tangled when trying to gloat.
His first thought ? They were kindly and aiming to help
But he soon realized. And let out a whelp....

Then he struck them !!! One, two , three !!!
And I tended their wounds as if they were me
Covering them up with the tarp near a tree
All three lived and so did the snake
Eternally grateful that they were awake...

I tended the garden
That I had neglected
The flowers that grew there...Forever respected.

. /