Paradise On Earth!


The Sun shines as gold, down the west                                                                               Full moon is on the move, to rise in the east

When one gets to set,
The other begins to get

Birds are settling, into the nest                                                                                        Courteous caress of the breeze, is the best!

Sky is colorfully painted                                                                                                                       Many themes, this has hinted!

Stars are peeping up to glow                                                                                               Passage of time, added to their flow!

Strained soul sets to solace                                                                                                     Stirred senses, suggests the romance!

I desire here, forever to stay                                                                                                               As the mind fails, words to say!

When the lap of my love is lent as berth,                                                                                This place becomes, a paradise on earth!

Above poem is adapted from the eBook "FIRE WITHOUT  FIRE IS ETERNAL! AND OTHER POEMS ON HAPPY LOVE " by Mr.V.Muthu manickam. Copyright is held by V.Muthu manickam.                                                                                  

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