By Payal Roy

Have you seen,
The rains fall?
On the ground,
Trees stand tall!

Have you seen,
The flash of light?
The thunder, which
Cracks the cloudy sky!

Have you seen,
The wet earth?
Teeming with life,
'Tis full of mirth!

Have you seen,
The blue!
The morning dew,
So new!

Have you heard,
The whistle of winds?
The rustle of leaves,
In your hearts they sing!

Have you heard,
The songs of nature?
Learnt its lessons,
From the great Teacher!

Have you felt,
The golden touch...
Of seasons that come,
They shower so much!

'Coz if you have,
'Tis time for you...
A nature lover,
Do share your views.

"Save Mother Nature"—
Be the motto of life,
'Coz without her,
We all will die.

Dreams we dream,
Songs we sing,
In existence are they,
Now and forever...

'Coz miracles of Mother Nature,
They shape our future,
They help us strive...
Towards greener pastures!

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