Moonlight Ride

By Kathy Timeoni

In the still of a warm summer's night,
I venture towards the barn with saddle in hand.
Stirrups dangle and clang with no one in sight,
I blissfully tack up my steed for a moonlight ride.

We glide together through sweet smelling meadows,
Not a care in the world only smiles.
Guided by the moon's light and shadows,
We quickly move up the hill for another view.

Wind in our hair and sparks in our stride,
We fly through the hilltop's water mists.
There's nothing like this but pride.
Our backs to city lights, the other view,

We find calmness of the trail.
A warm summer breeze upon us,
We see a mother and her quail.
The barn in sight, we pick up speed.

Laughter is in the air,
What a ride it's been,
And we race on without a care.
We proudly halt, and walk into the barn.

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