The Bridge

By Ian Black

Upon a dreary Autumn's eve
As deathly silence tamed the air,
I fled into the gloomy dusk
To find surcease of sorrow there.
And as I wandered through the night
Without a care where I'd be found,
I walked along the riverside
Where my remaining embers drowned.

It was in that murky water
And the mirrored raven-sky,
Where two shadows lay reflected:
Entwined, and mocking me thereby.
I lifted up my leaden gaze
To see a young, enraptured pair,
Two lovers in the Autumn dusk
Electric in the midnight air.

They perched upon a cobbled bridge
And proudly stood as doves, embraced,
Each glowing as a firefly
To light the air with zealous grace.
And if there ever was a god
He lay within those lovers' eyes,
Enchanted in the midnight air
I simply smiled and passed them by.

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