Welcome To Me

By Kristina

You say you wanna be with me
You say you love me so
But the way you act to wards me
It certainly does not show

I'm tired of wasting my life
Trying to please everyone
I am through with all the sad shit
Its time to have some fun

I'm getting rid of bad thoughts
I'm getting rid of pain
I'm getting rid of ignorant people
None which will remain

I really have tried this before
But now I'm ready to let go
This is something
That I want the world to know

I'm really a great person
Usually never depressed
I'm actually quite amazing
Some even say the best

Laughing was what i was known for
All around the school
I was the girl that could make you smile
And act like a fool

My body is just too ready
To go and let itself set free
So I am telling the world
Welcome to the new me =]

. /