Not That Kind of Girl

By Marsha

Strutting around town,
My feet's up on the ground
All the boys just follow me,
Follow me around.
Ill just tease them,
Keep them coming,
And I don't mind
(wont mind)
The extra attention.

But I warn you,
Keep your distance,
Don't come any closer,
And if you do,
(when you do)
This will all be over.

Now I'm not an angel,
Or think that I'm so fine,
But these are my boundaries,
And if want to cross the line,
You gotta show me a good time.

Don't get me wrong,
I really do like you,
Its just that when it comes to choosing,
I take my time to get it right.
And it might take all night.
Cause it'll be worth it,
If you really want it.
(want it)

And like it or not,
I like to keep what Ive got,
So listen carefully,
And watch my lips curl,
I'm not that kind of girl.

. /