Summer Dayz Slow Danzing

By Lepadah

slowly we drag
into a swag
slick into a hold
you fold
your weight around me
no escape

just the heart beat
patting along
to Bloodstone "Natural High"
hit heaven pitch
swung slowly into a period
not to be forgotten

Nixon's shade
on watergate
oh! so fugazi
gave way

Mick's lips
sweet lumps of "Brown Sugar"
Mothership connection finally touch down
gave birth to star child
Mayfield's "running wild"

Bruce Lee dies
marijuana alive
pot heads and the DEA
instead of crack cocaine

bell bottom pants
satin flowered shirts , mini skirts
marshmallow shoes
very first pair of Pro Keds

you dragged into my sweetheart years
how we dance this evening
in the basement
just us two
step left switch right
with no light

just a one eyed moon standing
cradling a moment
easy now biddy baby side to side
sweeping into a grown folks grind
two vines ready release unwind


© 2010 Lepadah

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