Brain Surgery

By Nicholas Evans

I was so afraid of it happening,
because of what my life was turning into,
I was getting ready to go to F.S.U, to become a
Meteorologist/as Astronomer/or a Computer Science Engineer.

I was so afraid of it happening.
Now, I have a hard time in remembering things.
I'll have a thought but next it's gone. That's scary!
My only control over forgetting is writing down my thoughts. That's
My only way I can remember my days.

I was so afraid of it happening. It's really horrible. When I want to remember, I can't. When I'm not paying attention to something, I can remember not paying attention. To whatever is happening, I can remember that. Some moments, I feel like I shouldn't feel. Because that's the only thing
that'll keep me away from things.

I was so afraid of it happening,
yet I just want to finish living my life.
Plus making my life better than it was.

Where my life is heading right now,
I sure hope that it will make my mother Happy.

I started at ‘Marchman Tech. Education Center,'
to try and find out what I am good at.
I ‘Graduated' from the ‘Commercial Foods Program' after 2 years
And received a 'Certificate' of completion.
I can remember myself before my surgery.
I then got a new job. It is a lot better than any of my past jobs.
There are many ways to make my life better, the things is I need to find them!

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