A Walk Familiar

By Danny Mazur

My walk on concrete familiar
Brings back steps taken
My thoughts awaken
Of times had and seasons past

It's eerie, the darkness chills.
My heart's racing
My mind's uneasy
Time and silence stop under orange glow
That lights up a court where age did grow  

As I cross to the playground I loved
The winter's breeze graces me
With what I have seen
And what I have done.

Sniffles from ice cold nostalgia
Greeting the immense quiet
Uncomfortable at first  
Now blanketed by soft twilight.

I befriend lights, I sing to stars
A sound rhythm of selfless cause.
Dreams take shape in a clear sky
With human hopes of smiles high

This frost bit stroll of December eve
Understanding, insight! It did leave
As days may come,
       And days will go,
Loves may be found
       While hearts will grow.

To discover the soul's colors bright
One must learn to walk lone at night

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