In the Pool

By Author Unknown

A baptism,
A new place to start.
For our boys,
Going in,
As men, coming out.

A baptism upon our boys.
Really always boys,
But really always men.
Then the Chapel and the book.
With the names of 142.

142 Merchant Mariners.
Always boys,
To their moms.
And always men to the rest.
Then they were gone.

Jets over graduation.
Now past the stands.
Over our boys.
I mean our men.

One more tear,
For all of them,
And the memories of 142.

Our sons, those boys.
And then the hand shakes,
And the good byes.
And then the hats,
So many hats.
Their hats into the air.

They shower,
Upon our men.
I mean our boys.
God, please bless
Our Boys.

And our men.
All of them.

. /