Why Not Me

By Author Unknown

You said you really loved me.
I believed every word was true,
You said it was forever,
So I gave my love to you.

We were meant to be together...
The angels told me this.
And I thought I'd found forever,
In the sweetness of your kiss.

We talked, we dreamed...
We made plans for it all.
We even bought a house
And furnished it wall to wall.

But just as it was all coming together,
I found you with her.
You told me you wanted to be free,
So you could spend your life with her.

I looked at her, I looked at you...
And the child who was in between.
You asked, 'Isn't he sweet?'
Doesn't he look a lot like me?

I thought, 'Oh God,'
How can this possibly be?
Why have you chosen her?
And please tell me...
Why not me?

Love is not suppose to hurt...
The way it surely hurt me.
I cry from the pain in my heart,
And I whisper, 'Oh Lord,'
Why not me?  

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