By Julianne Valentin

You hurt me. You bruised me and you beat me. you tried to control my life. You destroyed everything i destroyed my dreams and my self esteem.
Give me one good reason why i should take you back! after all of these horrible things, after having my life destroyed and made me realise why i had
nothing to live for, after giving up on everything i hoped to accomplished. you called me stupid, ugly, a whore, bitch cunt, and i can go on but i wont.this may be
mean to tell the world what you did to me, and what you will do to other girls but im not here to call you out on what you are. im here to thank you. if it wasnt for
you, i probably would never find the guy to help me. the guy i fell in love, the guy to tell me im beautiful everyday and show me i am much more then nothing. the
guy to show me someone cares and even though its just one, its the person that means the most to me and his words will always mean more to me then anything you have
ever called me. you helped me me find my prince, my Jose Antonio Rodriguez. I love you baby. and Will? thank you. For everything really but i dont need
you anymore. i got what ive always looked for so you can now stay out of my life for good. goodbye

. /