I'm a lop

By Aracely Ortiz

Pain in the pit of my stomach
What's wrong
What's right
This is the night
Toasting to leaving him behind
3 years ago today
He made my day
Yet killed my soul when he went a stray
Why make me feel this way
Hate this stupid game
Love, lust, what is it anyway?
Dreaming that he never went away
Then I wake & I see he was never here to stay
Ohhh how my heart cries
Try to get him back
What must I do?
What must I say?
Will he ever look my way?
Oh how I pray
Please look my way!
Of course he never does
So I stay here like a nut
Going crazy for his love
Love that doesn't exist
Guess I'm just another girl on his list
Oh how I hate this day
I wish it would go away
Stupid heartache
My body can't take this pain
Feeling so blue
For a man that's untrue
What to do? what to do?
Seams simple
Then why's it so difficult?
I try to forget
But the thought of his touch never goes away
Look for someone new
These stupid lil boys don't have a clue
I need man
Where to find a man?
one that's true
Does he exist
I'm a lop for feeling this way
Just pray that this feeling goes away

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