By Dasha'Auna Strothers

How I loathe thee
With a passion so deep
Once in the palm of my hand
Look at how quickly you seep
Down the lonely drain of sorrow
Never to see another tomorrow
Wrists slit as the life from you floats away
As those who where once in your world run astray
Frantic and scared you ran from me
Now cold and alone I am left to be
Though I'm told I have you in spirit I can hardly tell
Thought this was my time to shine how could you let me fail
Fell so deeply into you whom I dread
Since IT resurrected me from the dead
Only to leave me lifeless and wilted
Soul cold mind tilted
Never knowing which way is up or down left or right
Bodily functions limited while my heart tries to fight
Against this agony to get out of this state of mind
Now I see why love is so hard to find
Killing me slowly but surely taking my life
One of these days I'm going to be the knife
That pierces into the unsuspecting hearts of fools
Leaving them doubled over in emotional pools
Blood sweat tears
All put into my years
Of heartache

. /