Hazy Veil Of Women Three

By Dorothy Scatter

The future
no direction no goal no thought
became a hazy veil of women three

a simple choice don't linger
to be made taken decided fed

when I peered
through the haze of years ahead
I witnessed them laying in their own made bed

woman one
crying alone
for nobody cares for the careless
she cared less

falling tears
touched the earth slowly
and quickly splintered into a zillion night stars

although she tried
her tears didn't gather
pathetic desperate scrambles
no reward - impeach - in vain

too many
too scattered
no centre
all pain

and she floated with the ground always just out of reach.

woman two cried alone
but her tears collected in a puddle of her own
her reflection warped and wobbled
but did not displease her

for she felt nothing
long ago dreams were set sailing
softly hiding in a gondola wailing
like John's Ophelia she kissed her finger prints and blew them away.

woman three
wailed patiently
snatching at love when it burst through ice
crying tears through laughter
her choices are life's device

dreams wriggled in her pockets
in their turn she set them free

love squealed in painful delight
longed for sensations crashing foundries
lamentations bowl over boundaries

and fear underpins them all.

and when I look at you my love
what do I see?
we brought a hazy veil down of women three
and now the separation

pains me.

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