When Love Was Born (collab)

By Diana

In a garden many years ago
Two people met one day
A maiden fashioned from a rib
Her mate formed from the clay
The Lord, he named him Adam
And the maiden's name was Eve
Begotten as his helpmeet
For unto him to cleave

They looked each other up and down
For quite a little while
Unaware they were au naturel
They shared an innocent smile
As Eve ate some forbidden fruit
Adam wooed her earnestly
She offered him a tasty bite
He ate some willingly

They both felt such a feeling
As they held each other tight
That all in their idyllic world
Was somehow not quite right
What were these crazy feelings
Did they come from God above
Then came a voice from heaven
And they hid in fear thereof

The Lord said "that forbidden fruit
Should never have been ate
From this eden you are banished
Toil the earth and procreate"
So Adam and his new found love
Set off for pastures new
To forge a life together
Just as all young couples do

They traveled north south east and west
They traveled far and wide
Adam knew that he could make a start
With Eve there by his side
They lived a life so full of love
And made babies by the score
The legend of their romance
Would live on forevermore

So that's the tale of life itself
In that garden long ago
Of how the kin of all mankind
Made life to ebb and flow
They gave this world life's greatest prize
Sent by God, from high above
Pure faith, belief, with loyalty
And real true romantic love

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