To Think I Almost Deleted You

By Dominic Joseph

Got your contact with no intention
In case you ever question
Was setting up orientation
A possible friendship in mind
My whole life then lead me to find, you
To think I almost deleted you

You got me losing myself
And not self
I might not take in everything
But my interest in you
Got us immersed in cerebral coitus
To think I almost deleted you

You need to know
What I learn about you
I hold close
Glass cased in my smile
When I think of you
Or something  reminds me of you
Like a hi-top you would like through a shop window
To think I almost deleted you

You are precious to me
You got me smiling spontaneously
Your love has always been meant for me
I love you infinitely
"To think I almost deleted you"
Miss out on your crazy sense of humour
How you got me falling asleep smiling
Dreaming of me next to you
In conversation with God of how He knew
Like the words I herd
You are poetry to me

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