Time Line

By Matthew Author

Like You, Like You A Lot, Love you.

These were the words we used to say.
And they grew stronger each and every day.

Not individually but working together.
On something both wished would last forever.

The time spent together was very short.
With only a pen and paper to report.

Of our week and what we did.
Mostly small talk as we were just kids.

This went on for a few years.
Then word of a move brought us to tears.

Many more miles than what we currently had.
And no more Sundays was very sad.

The letters became less, far, and few.
But never once did I stop thinking of you.

Then without warning it all came to an end.
The letters and Sundays were never again.

I was in a new place and hated each and every day.
And give up on the one thing I wanted to stay.

A few years had passed.
And free at last.

I took a trip to a familiar place.
To look at her eyes and beautiful face.

I had big plans to win her back.
But nothing I could say would change that.

For which I had done years ago.
Came back and bit me wouldn't you know.

I hit the highway with my head hung low.
And I had no plan for where to go.

Time continued to turn once more.
But I never forgot how it was before.

I often wondered what came to pass.
Of my first love that did not last.

I searched all around at no avail.
Where she was no one could tell.

I was surfing around one winter night.
And there she was what a beautiful sight.

I jumped up and said something profound.
Look at this! look who I have found.

I sent a message, and waited for the return.
If she would respond was a concern.

Not too long and it came to me.
I think it read O M G!

We talked and caught up with each other.
But now our hearts were promised to another.

We talked more and often late.
My heart was falling in an awkward state.

My time line ends here for this is now.
How will it end, we don't know how.

I won't allow regret to fill my mind.
For that we share has carried thru time.

Some never find such things in life.
But I have been so fortunate to have Loved you twice.

Some people never find beauty in life.
But I have been blessed to have loved you twice.

. /