By Dianna Hardy

The sunrise saw me lying on a bed of scented grass
With you beside me breathing ev'ry breath I dared to pass;
The dove-like daggers delicately tickled at my cheek,
And me, so softly shedding ev'ry tear you cared to wreak.

The cold September sunshine spread its rays upon your brow
Evoking shadowed etchings that were all of here and now;
Your copper-coloured countenance seemed silky while you slept,
Yet in the night the mist devoured our pleasures as it crept.

The bleak and barren moorland seemed to merge into the day -
A murky sheet of greens and browns that faltered where we lay;
And as we lay there naked we were moulded with the earth,
The age, as always, timeless, as at macrocosm's birth.

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