By Annamaria Gagno

Me down gently
I am home
Been so long
I've miss you so

where do we pick up
the pieces
Have you moved on with me or without
Let me know
I'll be upstairs lying down

Been so long
I miss him so
We wrote each other back and forth
Truth lies within his soul

Very tired to think of the negative
He'll let me know after a nap

It's 7:00pm still day light
I stretch out a bit
I'll go in the shower
wash down my sorry mind

Got dressed
Slowly made my way down
the stairs

There it was a surprise
oh my goodness
My love threw me a dinner party
friends family
most all
My love of my life

There he was behind the sene
slowly walking through people
as something was up
Aw roses thank you my love

As he gave me the roses
I was in tears
Smelling the roses of red for love
didn't realize where he gone to

Flowers of 24 roses got me in a way
that I can't see what his doing
There it was
Oh my goodness

My dear love his missed me so much
I've been faithful for two years
Since you've been gone

Tonight is your night
families and himself
Missed you so

Down on his knees
Sweetheart this is for you
Being the one his dream of in his life
He speaks
My love miss you like crazy
this time when your out doing a job
his plan is
He can never see go again alone

His been alone for two years
this is what trying
His words
His love for her

Looking into each others
will you do him the honor

Answer he recieved
yes a thousand more yes's

Coming home I thought
was it a way
never knew
never thought
At night like this
He planned it all

I look at him
many times over
how much I love him

be an honor
to be

Ok every lets get party starting
Enjoy the night
with the loves
the happiness to us both

Love was strong
Coming home to be his wife

A surprise indeed and a life
growing old
together in love

. /