Cerebral Coitus

By Dominic Joseph

Cerebral coitus
When her breath becomes mine
Her treasures I mine
My heart and mind in line
Moving to the sound of her augmented smile
Acknowledging her strength her verve
Intoxicated without a doubt
Euphoria times divinity
Love in multiplicity
Adding up to  joviality
Its hard to ignore the rush
The intricate word play
Important is what the words say
Thought processes in what her words say
Pupils dilating is what her feelings say
I listen for what her emotions say
Its not for what is happening
Its her reacting to what is happening
That got my heart to see the glistening
Of a mind prepared for reckoning
A woman strong oh what a blessing
To be caressing her thoughts
To be caressed by her thoughts
How we can find the same things funny
How we can have the same dreams
Pushing the possibilities of two vibrant minds
Out from the realm of incoherence
Where thinking is I and me
Cerebral coitus got me thinking we
I never wanna go a day
Without hearing the words you say
At times it is to irritate me
Tease me literally
Told you she's got a sense of humour
Always in awe of her
Playfully scheming nature
Her girlie demure
A prima donna for sure
I coin this cerebral coitus
More than just a penny for your thoughts

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