By Saumya Surekha

"Inspired from the novel 'NOTEBOOK'"

My words will fade soon..

I have only hours to breathe..

I cherish the moments because I will die in the arms of my love..

I want the world to know the love story..

To teach the folk that love never dies..

I take you few years back..

To the era I ruled the screen..

When acting was my passion..I was the victor..

He came as an associate..and all I wanted is to fumble..

It seemed all the love stories I have read becoming true..

We fell for each other..and i just felt so special..

His career was inferior..still i let myself go..

With him the world seemed dainty..

Nothing lasted in thoughts but me n him..

When the family objected..i absconded..

That was a great feeling..i was with him..

Wedding at the shrine..everything went typical..

I was a wife then..didn't that sound sweet??

We bought ourself an abode..

Like the one in my dreams..by the lake..

The days were blissful..with equal focus on our career..

We still were lovers..and it seemed eternal..

Then one day I was on cloud nine..

From wife..i was going to get a new title..

I could feel the symbol of our love within me..

The moment we cherished..

It was a moment to thank the omnipotent..

The check ups had been done..

His love seemed to fade..i thought he was unhappy..

He took me for the round of check up..

But I never knew why the hell was he being so formal..

The next day my happiness turned to swollen eyes..

The man I loved killed my babe even before I could touch it..

He left a lesion..

All I could manage was going away..I did not leave a note..

I could see the progress in his career through the daily..

He showed no signs of lament..

God!How could I love someone like him..

It was not the time to weep..i wanted to retaliate..

Stepping back to my profession was not a tough task..

We again shared the screen..but never had the old chemistry..

Wow.!Thats all I could say when he said he was married..

But didn't that hurt me?

A fine morning I woke with an aching stomach..

When I couldn't take the pain..i needed a cure..

How can deity be so atrocious..the cells grew too fast inside me..

It was then the doctor managed to reveal that..

Should I take it as a blessing I still don't know..

The child was killed to extend my years on earth..

Was it a curse that if the child had been born..i might have gone..else we both..

I just sat with a blend of emotions..

I was not too brave to face the world..

Like the last time I did go..

But this time I left a note..I had to tell him I knew the truth..

For years I stayed at a chums place..

When I couldn't take the pain longer I moved..

The curse changed my physique..

Years in the clinic..lying in the same bed I did nothing but think of the past..

Expecting the worst to happen at any moment..

It was just a few days back that I received a call..

Didn't hear a word except the soft breaths..

I knew very well the one who owned that..

It was a moment I cherished..

It was him..my lost love..

How could I say no when he wanted to come back..

But how could I for the malady had changed my frame..

I had to be rude..I managed to keep the receiver..

Luckily he did not hear my sob..

Verily said love never dies..

The day I woke to find him beside my bed..

My countdown had begun..

He wanted to take me with him..and i did not object..

He took me to the same old home..where our journey had begun..

Still the place looked the same..

We spent hours seated at the shore..

When I felt pale we shifted inside..

The epoch would soon come to an end..

I am the old lover..n he is the same man i loved..

When I write this tale he's asleep beside me..

I don't know if I will witness another morning..

This is for my love to know that you had always been so special..

What you did for me was the best for me..

Love never dies but lovers have to..

I want you to move on..

The life has tried lots of mischief in me..

But I never lose for my love is always with me..

. /