By nutty always

only eyes will cry, not a single soul will weep
i feel this will happen, when for ever i'll sleep
i'm torn inside, inside only i cry
knowing it makes no difference whether i live or die
now i only breathe, i died long back
and people now think its emotions i lack
no-one to share my feelings, my soul always wept
the sorrows passed away, but the pain is still kept
the whole wide world alone i roam
and live in a lonely room, in a lonely home
when spring kisses the earth and gives it a new song to dance
it's my heart afraid of breaking that won't take a chance
then sunrays greet and turn everything to gold
the snow thaws away but my heart remains cold
when earth gets a new life from the gentle autumn rain
there is nothing to lok forward to, it was all in vain
then winter comes and another year will end
and again i wonder whether my life will mend
will there ever be someone, someone by my side?
but now its too late because long back i died

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