Where I Stand

By Taj-domayn C. Thompson

Here I stand,
Until the time
Was it a crime to see what cannot be touched
Hear voices speak words that can't be undone
Was it my fault I was invincible
To the naked eye, I am invisible
I cannot be seen
Because no one wants to see me
I am different
Different from the rest of them
So they ignore me
But I don't ignore them
No one is friendly
Why were they so blind
Because I am not them
I am only mine
I am different
But I can see
But they can't see me
I watch them fall
Divided they fall
Together they die
But here I stand
Until the end of time
Was it a crime that I was unique
Original to the human mind
I was invisible to there standards
Invisible to their lies
But as they kneel to beg
I watch them beg
But here I stand until the end of time
Was it a crime for me to live my life
A crime for wanting to survive
No one would answer
So I will wait until the end of time

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