Time Line Cont.

By Matthew Author

I ran from it, hid, and buried my head.
I avoided the things that needed to be said.

I did not want my fantasy to end.
But wanted to live it again and again.

I was never ever looking for this.
Mixed up messed up feeling of bliss.

It found me and I opened the door.
Then nurtured and feed it even more.

I loved it so much; it was the place to be.
But it was all wrong, now I see.

It's not over yet a huge mountain to climb.
But it's all on the table and just a matter of time.

How do I tell my heart to no longer Love.
Only such answer can come from above.

I don't think it possible for love to stop.
It is the emotion that has always been on top.

Everything has a reason we all like say.
And that reason I sure wish I had today.

I will agree good things can come from bad.
For now there's a friendship like I have never had.

It started years back as you can see in the line.
And will once again stand thru time.

How can we gauge the progress we have made?
Our friendship will grow and the passion will fade.

My love will change to a different form.
And for a while my heart will be torn.

This change is hard from the instant began.
But I know she will be there to hold my hand.

And I will hold hers along the way.
On this long walk we have started today.

. /