Television Guide to Life

By David Woodfall

A silver screen sits in the corner of my room
and talks to me now and then.
Sweet secret voices whisper softly
more, more, more.
Do the maths, work out the percentages
and see your salary rise.

Welcome to our world
built with you in mind
where life is an implausible plot,
displaying bad actor smiles.
And science kills God
kills science
kills God
in a docu-soap-drama-rama.

Cheap laughs from human tragedy,
the victims thrust into the yellow limelight
and accelerated to celebrity status.
Prop them up just to cut them down
and we are hungry for bigger, better, faster, more.
Coming soon in great HD entertainment.

The background hiss probes deep down
under my skin. This symphony of electrons
feeds my insecurities,
feeds my anger,
sucks me in until
I cry for it,
live for it,
die for it.

Pixelated eyeball stares me down saying
Blink if you know the answer, because
the brighter side just got brighter.
Yes, I can see the glistening stars, asking me now:
Can you find your way through the TV maze?
But, I just sit here waiting for the aphotic asteroid to fall.

. /