By Shawn Harris

Standing on the edge

Staring down deep

From crevasse to wedge

Grip hands then feet

Paw and claw, pull and twist

Hug the small rocks, they resist

Cardio pumping, wrist are on fire

Still that crazy?, keep climbing higher

Lick my lips dry, nor not a sound

Just me in my head, where is the ground

The mountain it sweats, trickles in wind

Taste in my mouth, but not from within

Dirt just like spice, flavor of Earth

The world's wide open, whats it's worth?

Conquer the thing, never let subside

Is it the mountain, or what's inside?

Grinding of teeth, raw strength depends

Bending the curve, pull through the ends

Pause at the top, just seconds to waste

Sense who you are, savor the taste

. /