Sugar Foot ... Along

By Lepadah

Straining arms stretching
that promise to hold
the candy man forever
childhood dreams of Sammy D tapping
cause you thought everything would be better

so keep running
sugar foot
never turn around
the lost is seldom found

tear staining cheeks
a cat severe stare
thru a screen window

promise to leave
wiping angry drops
with papa J's silk handkerchief
picking up masonic pin's

fell from a thrown jewelry box
created design
right in the middle
a dark spot
from spilled alcohol

swooping them into hand
as though diamonds
everything once pleasant

so she should leave
finally set the sugar foot free
nicking name before exodus
from the womb

holding onto few pieces
a silver heart
silver beads
antique silver flowered necklaces
presented gifts at marriage

bag full of rare books upon back
an autograph note from James Baldwin
still in cellophane
bottle of collected pebbles
different colors
entertaining the possibility

some day her love might come...
she was not looking
the years were dear
kind wrinkles slight
only at the corner of both eyes

wearing tattered jeans
well worn suede boots
tattoo right shoulder
branded after fifty

nice vagabond piece of tail
some said
a loner
a goner

she be of native spirits
Our Lucy
Narraganset whole and natural
shared sorcery between blood

enjoying cactus
she born a pilgrim
all she'll ever be
so let sugar alone

one day she'll find home...

but not today

© 2010 Lepadah

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