By Lepadah

Think how the air stood
still, alone without noise
no pointy toed raccoon feet
crunching fall leaves

a thin silence in troubled air
stirring up emotion
suddenly a strong hold
around your memories

collected, bought, inherited
photographs a span
tender good years
before reality hits
from an ice cold fist
punching at you

alone boxes about the feet
more and more memories
closing in on you
deepening depression
Hitchcock's Vertigo

remember change is a good thing (so said )
lost tears in the shower
unable to let go
so you stayed drunk for days

forgetting there is no time
ignoring last weeks eviction notice
less than 48 hours
final decision to flee

or be thrown into the street
mid morning
amid neighbors rising shades
maintenance men ring of keys

suddenly heart a flee
you must leave
the premises
with everything ...

boxes, furniture old and new
pots and the dirty dishes you forgot to wash
the cat, the dog and all children's toys
a lifetime unless taken
will be discarded in next day trash

permission pickers
pulling for nice remnants
treasure trinkets from another life

do you remember
the heaviness upon chest
the ball chain burden pulling neck
forcing one to heave into a clear moment

enduring the frigidity
reality challenged
conformity that of a castaway

a birth
older, not much wiser
yet still able to dream
a virgin vision of life

© 2010 Lepadah

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