Midnight Walks

By Supreme Words

Im encapsulated with so much thoughts
Sentencing my self like im the judge in the courts
To a midnight walk
Engulfed with yes and no's
Questioning of my existence
Staying away get my distance
From those who claim to love
But works to hate
Im entangled
I got debt to myself distrainable
Every step a tear drop
Leaving my trail like hansel and Gretel
Unlike them I got doubts of coming back
Disappearing into the pitch black
Midnight walks midnight talk
I wish I had eyes like hawk
Hawk out all the falls
So I wouldn't have to crawl
Crawl from the ditches bellow
Swim from the deep end to shallows
Midnight walks on search
For something, always that something
Roads are quiet your mind so loud
Its like you can hear your own thoughts
Bouncing off cars and walls
All the way down the road
Moon light pier down into my soul
The darkness sooths my world
I got so much going on
That I need the quiet of the streets
The midnight walks to set my mind free
From all that revolves around me
So here I am walking
Walking to the unknown
Streetlights flicker
A drunk man stagger along
Finding his way home
While im trying to find some evidence
Of Diligence of my existence
Crying out for help with every footstep
Every footstep on a path for help
Midnight walk taken upon myself
All alone blackberry is at home
All alone with my problems on my back
Life I need to get back
My head needs to get over
I wish I could retrace my paths
That led me in temptation
I guess I would have to walk
Walk until my feet catch fire

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