By Maria H Thompson

Context is everything in the study of behaviours.
You can spend your life rearranging your possessions in the castle you call home, or you can arrange the flowers you have gathered from the garden of life.
When I was a child, I would close my eyes and free myself from the prison of fear and imagine my favourite place on an isolated island dreaming of endless romance and destiny.
My face warmed by a June sun.
I remember the day you came into my life,
Like a wind storm in the desert.
I never thought our friendship would evolve into such tender pleasure and sustaining ecstasy.
You were my destiny; as sure as there is envy.
During our life together, I have not come up with a taste to express your sweetness;
Or a way to express your gentleness,
Nor can an artist paint it.
It dwells deep within and can only be understood by the human heart.
Who discovered this undying human consciousness that speaks without malice or jealousy?
We must hold each precious moment close to our heart for it may not come again in this life,
Nor should we ever be unhappy about the things that might have been,
Seek courage and don't be afraid of the night winds.

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