By Prophetic Poet87

Dear mama keep ya head up/Ya got to keep ya head upStormy weather passes through tormenting/Only temporary even if the damage is/The raft of Hurricane Katrina/Tears at night will be dried by mornings light/God has seen you crying from the skies/I ablige, I've had a front row seatCourtside to the bullshit

Cheering from the bleachers for things to get better for ya/Mama's highlights aren't the ones seen on Sportscenter/No top ten/Because even as a crack fiend mama ya always was my black queen mama/Many days and many nights crack cocaine used to suppress
Your oppressed circumstances

96 is the year a piece of you died /When you had to lay to rest ya only mother/Watching you attempt to obliterate your temple /No trait of what you once were/Like a skeleton in a hospital bed/Dying slowly from an incurable cancer/Been tryna hold on & stay strong/Uphill battle going against the rigors of/A 90's decade consisting mostly of unemployment and Pepco disconnections/Left in the dark howling with growling stomachs/Till the sun came up/Doing the best you could/With the government's monthly assistance/Back then I thought mama was the scum of the earth/Today I'm saying Dear Mama, Keep ya head up/All is forgiven/Pride aside, I'm shoveling deep within myself

Empowering you like prayers answered in the 11th hour/You need that more than I need a pat on the back/Or a kudos for surviving turbulent times between you and I/Hats off to you mama take a bow/Maxwell's "Woman's Work" Chaka Khan's "Im Every Woman,"Alicia Key's Woman's Worth/Should have been your theme music for life/Instead you prefer Mary J's battered lyrics before "No More Drama Beyonce's Me Myself, and I

Disturbed at times by your complete meltdowns/Over a nigga that's responsible for your baby girl/Being fostered by a white family/If I had the guts, I'll pull the trigger leave that bitch 6 feet under/You are better than that /Sometime I wish you could see what I see/He don't love you and that's what you need the most

Conspiracy theories like scientists and bad guys/As to why you don't see what I see in you/Only I'm the good guy with no scientific degree/Years ago you lost your confidence/Started settling for whatever you could get

Catastrophic results like a positive HIV test/Lucifer, Satan, the Devil all/Tryna to take whats left of your soul, that's why/You don't know how much more you can take/For heavens sake, Im praying to GOD every night/For I know what it would mean if you were reunited with my baby sis

Racists fucks in Stanton,VA/Making the fight for your seed a 12 round grudge match/Misplaced hate cus they discriminating no debating/They don't care one way or another

Wincing at ya excruciating twist and turns/Hard to watch like contortionist
/Diagnosed with Kidney failure/Trail of tears when I thought I would loose you/True shit/Couldn't fathom loosing my mama/Naw not without expressing how I feel for a woman that sacrificed/Could have aborted my ass /But against all odds like a Vegas dealer you kept me/And that's why I'm learing to get pass/Hurt feelings and shortcomings

You've done all you could for a son/That's been lost to the streets/I think Tevin understands/it was neva easy for you tryna raise a man/Turning Sade into a crack baby wasn't in the plans/But we aint meant to survive/Cus it's a setup/And even tho ya fed up/Dear Mama keep ya head up

. /