By Martin Hall

I want to Know,
Where you're going where you've been,
To find your name upon my list,
So I can decide your fate,
There's nothing more to life than this
Don't realise too late,
Its a common pitfall,
You're aware that
Most think they know where they're going,
But its not the decisions we make,
Its the journeys that we take,
That lead us on our way.
To take the wrong path is to be stronger for it,
The damage is done move on
Now and find the right one for it,
There's nothing like wrong to learn right.
I want to know,
Why you've chosen to leave,
Stray from the herd,
Who wanted you to be free,
And take the family line,
A lineage too far.
You're not like them,
But you know that doesn't really matter,
Its ok to be a sheep,
Black or white,
You and I know,
That if you want to grow then you've gotta,
Make some waves in the still pond.

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